Рождественская мастерская

«Christmas Workshop»

The anticipation of the New Year and Christmas is special for children because it is a time of miracles. Creating a festive feeling at home is inextricably linked with the manufacture of decorations. It’s often the case that parents can’t do much because of the lack of free time, especially to make jewelry or gifts with their children. The children’s center offers the opportunity to spend time with the child in the «Christmas Decoration Workshop», if the parents are busy with their own affairs, that is, the opportunity to bring the child to the center so that the child can make cute, pleasant gifts, not always gifts should be bought in the store. The energy that a child puts into a gift made with his own hands for a loved one is much more than just a purchased thing. You can also make decorations and greeting cards that will be presented to others for the New Year and Christmas.

The children’s center invites children aged 3 years and older to take part in the «Christmas Decoration Workshop» together with their parents. Creative master classes will allow participants, regardless of age and degree of training, to learn how to make beautiful Christmas decorations, gifts and gift packaging for free.

As part of the classes, the center’s specialists will teach each member of the creative workshop how to make various Christmas gifts, gift wraps and holiday decorations.
During the creative activity, participants will be provided with all the necessary materials so that each participant can fully demonstrate their creativity.
the creative workshop «Christmas Decoration Workshop»
on December 22 from 11 to 15:45 there will be the following topics:

Christmas tree toys, vases and candlesticks made of empty glass jars in the decoupage technique.
• Production of paper gift bags and greeting cards.
• Making Christmas gift boxes• Holiday decorations
, Christmas decorations made of paper, yarn, natural materials.
The anticipation of Christmas in every home is filled with joy, pleasant reflections, family conversations and comfort!